Our Reason To Draw A Breath In LA This Summer

We’re soon moving back to Los Angeles. We’re going to miss the weather here in Miami, but at least we have something to look forward to in SoCal this summer: Larry Bowa.

Larry Bowa Melts Down For Dodgers

We’re thinking the Dodgers may finally push through and do some serious damage in the NL playoffs this season. But more important is the well-mannered gent manning the third base coach’s box for the club.

Bowa last night was involved in what umpire Ed Montague called, “One of the dumbest ejections I’ve ever had.” Of course, we loved every minute of it.

Apparently Bowa wasn’t enamored with Montague telling him to remain in the third base coaching box. Montague said, ” Bowa said he’ll do it the way he’s always done it. I said if I have to, I’ll run you. He said do what you’ve got to do; it is what it is. I said to just get back and he wouldn’t. Then he argued. I gave him every chance in the book, but he defied us. It was uncalled for.

MLB has two new rules in place. First, base coaches must wear helmets. Second, base coaches may not leave the coaching box in the direction of home plate. The rules were put in place after the beaning death of minor league coach Mike Coolbaugh last season.

Bowa was the first to rip the helmet rule. And now he gets tossed for breaking the other on-field decree.

Knowing just how boring the Dodgers have been to watch the past decade, it’s nice to know that even if the team falls down (again), we’ll still have someone something to watch at The Ravine this summer.

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