NFL Draft Now Has Our Complete(ly) Full Attention

The fine folks at PRO FOOTBALL WEEKLY, SVP STYLE and FAN IQ are helping us to bone up for the upcoming draft by introducing us to one of the four kickers who was invited to last weekend’s league combine: Shane Longest.

Shane Longest

PFW dutifully notes that Longest, who is sure to be (listed) deep into Mel Kiper’s big board, is from Division II school St. Xavier college. And not surprisingly, there was one event during his Indianapolis initiation that Longest found “exciting.”

“It’s hitting me pretty good, but it’s been the time of my life so far, even the medical exams have been fun,” he said. “The medical exams we get are nothing compared to what we just got here. The whole process has been fun; it’s exciting.”

So the NFL player medical exams have someone named Shane Longest excited? No wonder the NFL shut that stuff down.

On the bright side, this may be a legitimate opportunity for the NFL to bring back one of the league’s more entertaining advertising campaigns.