If Anyone Knows How To Get Dirty, It’s Umenyiora

Osi Umenyiora knows dirty when he sees it.

Osi Umenyiora With Strippers

No, we’re not talking about the photo. Or his previously detailed (alleged) sexual exploits.

Umenyiora, much like Chargers center Nick Hardwick last Sunday, said the Patriots play dirty. In the case of Umenyiora, he was referring to Pats left tackle Matt Light.

Umenyiora to HBO’s Real Sports on Light: “I’m not quite sure that he thought he was going to see me again because of some of the things he did and said during that game. But, you know, unfortunately he does have to see me again. He was doing a couple of things that, you know, he shouldn’t have been … Hitting after the delay and trying to — I don’t know if he was trying to intimidate me, I don’t know what he was trying to do — but he did a couple of things that he shouldn’t have done, and, you know, now we are really going to go at it this time.”

Osi Umenyiora Melyssa Ford

We’re rooting for Light in this one. Anything to get Osi to lose the sunglasses-while-indoors look.