Oscar Pistorius South African Double Amputee Wants Chance To Qualify For 2008 Bejing Olympics

DOUBLE-AMPUTEE GETS LEG UP ON 2008 OLY GAMES SHOT: South African double-amputee Oscar Pistorius has been churning out some astonishing track times in the sprints, and the BBC reports that the 20-year-old is now pressuring the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) to allow him to participate in the Olympics.

Oscar Pritorius Olympics Amputee

Pistorius was allowed to compete last month at the South African national track championships and finished second overall in the sprints - so he would likely have an outside future chance of making the country’s 2008 Olympic team.

Oscar Pritorius Records

But thanks to concerns over the prosthetics Pistorius uses, called “Cheetahs”, the IAAF “has already moved to block him from the Olympics, with a new ruling banning ‘technical aids’“.

Slate.com also noted back in 2004 that Pistorius was suspected of using an extra-long version of the “Cheetahs” prosthetics. (tip from Steroid Nation)