Oscar De La Hoya Wants To Hold Next Fight In Dodger Stadium

DE LA HOYA LOOKING FOR A FIGHT IN DODGER STADIUM: Oscar De La Hoya wants a chance to show what he’s got to fans in Dodger Stadium - not out in the field, but in the ring:

Oscar de la Hoya Milton Bradley Dodgers

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that the boxer and East L.A. native is looking to hold a match in the ballpark, possibly in May against British belter Ricky Hatton.Oscar explains his zest for the match: “The Dodgers are the team in L.A., it’s history in the making.”

Interestingly, De La Hoya admitted he’s only been to one game at the park, and that was several years ago. Hope he doesn’t get confused with the new parking directions.

Dodgers Parking

Oscar also hopes the event turns out better than the last (and so far only) boxing match held in Chavez Ravine. In 1963, Davey Moore fell backward in his fight against Sugar Ramos, striking his neck on the bottom rope. Moore died a few days later from a brain stem injury.Bob Dylan even wrote a song about the fateful fight. Maybe Oscar can get Sugar Ray or Five For Fighting to pen a ballad about his bout.

Yet, De La Hoya hasn’t actually asked the Dodgers about using their field for the fight. A team spokesperson said, “It’s something we’d be happy to discuss with them if they give us a call.”

Oscar de la Hoya photos dressed like a woman

Based on his recent choice of wardrobe, Oscar’s sure to sell tons of tickets to the WeHo crowd.