Orioles AA Affiliate Tries Out Willy Wonka Promo

If you don’t know about Orioles catching prospect Matt Wieters, you might want to check him out. The AAA catcher is top prospect in the coutry, period. He hits for power, he hits for average, and he’s already showing flashes of developing into a really solid catcher, too. All things considered, he’s pretty much the only thing the Orioles have going for them.

matt wieters orioles

(You’re looking for this, after touched by Goldmember from Austin Powers.)

That’s why the team’s AA affiliate, the Bowie Baysox, came out with one of the oddest, most complicated promotions in baseball history, the kind of stunt they clearly must have consulted with the ghost of Bill Veeck for: As first reported in YAHOO!’s ROTO ARCADE, The Baysox hid a tiny, golden Wieters bobblehead somewhere in Prince George’s County, Md., and they want fans to find it.

You read that right. The Baysox hid a tiny, golden idol of the Orioles catcher and star of the future, but they’re only giving you vague clues about where it might be. Maybe matters worse, the team isn’t even telling you where on the web site the clues will be. See, they’re hidden, silly.

It’s an almost nauseating promotion, though if a fan eventually finds this thing, it’ll look pretty clever. But think about all the things that could go wrong with a tiny, golden statue hidden in the Maryland wilderness. A dog/marmot/raccoon could come by and steal the thing. Some person who gives two craps about baseball could see it and swipe it. Hey, it’s gold after all. Heck, someone could even find the thing and decide that it’s cooler than the “package of Wieters and Orioles memorabilia” that you get for trading it in. We probably would.

Unless the Baysox are employing a “Golden Matt Wieters control” person who spends all his/her time watching over the precious idol, there’s no telling what might happen to the thing. Something tells us they haven’t quite taken that drastic step yet.

If you’re still interested in the promo and you live in Suburban Maryland, here’s all the info. Need a map? Good luck with the search.