Oregon State Paints Practice Field Blue For Boise

In preparation for a visit to Boise State this Saturday, Oregon State head football coach Mike Riley Tweeted a photo of his team’s practice field at the Tommy Prothro Football Complex in Corvallis, Ore., being painted blue: “Getting the practice field ready for Boise State.

Oregon State paints practice field blue in prep for Boise State

George Schroeder of the EUGENE (OR) REGISTER-GUARD reports, “Oregon State’s temporarily blue practice field required 440 gallons of paint (a white coat, then blue).”

Oregon State paints practice field blue in prep for Boise State


At $25 gallon, that’s an $11,000 paint job. UPDATE: Schroeder now reporting, “180 gallons, diluted to 440.“($4,500, plus labor.) The money for the paint and labor came, according to Schroeder, from an “anonymous donor.

Boise State is well-known for its blue field, which was first installed at Broncos Stadium in 1986 and most recently replaced last summer.

Here’s some video of the blue practice field from Oregon State sports site BuildingtheDam.com:

The only other colored college football fields currently are at Eastern Washington:

Eastern Washington red field

And the University of New Haven:

Univ of New Haven blue field

That second one look a little familiar, Boise fans?

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