Oregon St. Topples Top-Ranked Trojans Yet Again

• Leave it to the Beavers: Once again, Oregon State shocks highly-ranked USC in Corvallis.

Oregon State USC

This is becoming quite a trend.

• But such a monumental upset is no comfort to OSU alum Steven Jackson, as the Rams RB is too busy lashing out at coach Scott Linehan.

Pat Summitt may be basketball’s all-time winningest coach, but the Lady Vols leader is no match when it comes to rasslin’ with raccoons.

• How melancholy is the Mariners’ clubhouse? One teammate of Ichiro openly talked about wanting to knock the Seattle star slugger out.

• Despite the Colts’ 1-2 record, Tony Dungy must still be pretty popular in Indianapolis - why else would someone return a credit card the coach left at a gas station?

• Rest easy, Georgia fans - no gas shortage is gonna stop Saturday’s game against Alabama.

• The economic crunch is being felt everywhere - even in the Charlotte Bobcats’ massive front office.

Thunder Collins accused of murder? But the ex-Nebraska RB looks so innocent - and MySpace photos never lie.

• What hath Michael Vick wrought - dogfighting is one thing, but pig wrestling?

Ricardo Mayorga is smokin’ in his boxing comeback - about three packs a day, we hear.