Oregon Legal Troubles Extend To Cheerleaders

The EUGENE (OR) REGISTER-GUARD reports today that the legal problems of the Oregon football team have officially infected the cheerleading squad.

Molly Maginnis Oregon cheerleader

Molly K. Maginnis, 18, was detained after trying to parallel park her black Chevrolet Equinox.

A bicycle patrol officer made contact with Maginnis after noticing her repeated attempts to park her sports utility vehicle, Kletzok said. She was cited and released.

The byline-less, R-G piece then throws in this much-needed note: “UO cheerleaders serve as official ambassadors for the UO and its Athletic Department, according to the cheerleading squad’s official Web site.

Though Maginnis is due to appear in court March 18, I assume Chip Kelly has already dismissed her from the football squad.