Oregon’s Chip Kelly Gets ‘A’ In Revisionist History

Last week University of Oregon football players Garrett Embry and Jeremiah Masoli were accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of stuff from a frat house on the University of Oregon campus. The theft allegedly took place on Jan 24.

Garrett Embry dismissed from Oregon Football Program

(Theft suspect Embry was expendable for Oregon Coach Chip Kelly)

Yesterday Oregon football coach Chip Kelly announced that Embry was, “dismissed from the program on Jan. 8 for a violation of team rules.

Ken Goe of the PORTLAND OREGONIAN correctly observes that after the Embry alleged theft on Jan. 24, “Oregon officials refused to confirm he had been dismissed (from the team).

But if he was dismissed on Jan. 8, why did Kelly wait until yesterday to announce it?

Since no one in the media will say it, I will. Embry was jettisoned in part because of the theft allegation, and Oregon “officials” (see Kelly) with their backdating are pretending that Embry’s alleged crime had nothing with his dismissal.

Is it mere coincidence that Embry is a bit player on the Ducks, while Masoli, who is the team’s star quarterback, hasn’t met a similar fate?

Or do Oregon “officials” know something about Embry’s involvement in the alleged crime that we don’t?

I’m guessing it’s a little of both.

Embry is expendable and the alleged theft victim did claim he saw Embry carry one of his personal items out of the frat house. Masoli, though placed at the scene, was not alleged by the victim as carrying anything when he fled the frat house. Though the police have not ruled out Masoli playing a criminal role in the alleged theft.

It’s also reasonable to assume that Kelly has inside info about the alleged crime, or from the players. So perhaps that’s what’s also driving Embry’s dismissal.

But to pretend that kicking Embry off the team had nothing to do with his alleged theft is to deny reality.

The only thing worse would for Kelly to proclaim to the national media that he was taking a player off the active roster permanently for thuggish behavior, only to bring him back a few games later.

Yeah, something like that sure would be a credibility killer.