Oregon Debuts “Carbon-Dipped” Football Helmets

Today against Portland State, the Oregon Ducks football team broke out a new look - again - with exotic, new football helmets.

Oregon Ducks Carbon Dipped Football Helmets

(Added bonus: Matches Oregon’s seemingly perpetual gloomy skies)

The helmet shell, developed by Nike, reportedly is “carbon-dipped” and was first tested by Ducks players during training camp last month in Eugene.

Oregon Carbon Football Helmets

(Their new unis weigh a mere 5.5 ounces.)

Under the watchful eye of Oregon alum and Nike founder Phil Knight, the Ducks are well-known for their groundbreaking uniforms designs, which change every week.

Oregon Ducks Carbon Dipped Football Helmets

The team reportedly will play this season with five different helmets, four different jerseys and four different pants - with 80 different combinations to choose from in 2010. (Even that, most likely, is subject to change.)

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