Orange Toss Leads To Arrest and Anarchy at HS

There are plenty of good reasons to stand up for your rights. Numerous worthy causes that warrant shaking off the chains of oppression. An orange in a high school cafeteria is not one of them.


Martrell Terrell, in addition to having a spectacular name, was a basketball standout at Stroudsburg High in Eastern Pennsylvania. Last Thursday he made the mistake of entering the food service area of the cafeteria at lunch to get an orange, for a classmate who had dropped hers. What followed was an epic example of things escalating too far, a student body protest, and an administration trying to Orange Crush all dissent.

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Terrell threw the orange to his classmate, but it apparently came too close for comfort to a security guard. Words were exchanged, shoves were, um, shoved, and everything ended pretty quickly. Just boys being boys, right?

Terrell was charged with aggravated and simple assault, and spent the weekend in jail. He has been expelled. No word yet on his a-peel.

According to the police affidavit, Terrell “became belligerent” with [the security guard], took off his backpack and pushed into the security guard with his chest. Police say Terrell was told to calm down, but didn’t, and that he had to be restrained by other security staff.

But students, including Terrell and other witnesses, tell a different story. They say he was targeted by the guard and egged on.

“(Terrell) was wrongfully accused of assaulting a security guard,” Ashlee Ruiz, 18, the senior class president, said in a written statement recounting what she found out by talking to a range of student witnesses. “(He) was assaulted himself.”

Not ones to be content with navel-gazing, the student body mobilized in defiance of the school. No orange chickens they. They started a petition, signed by a whole 100 people. They wore orange pipe cleaners as bracelets. And most creatively, they brought oranges in for lunch yesterday.

Terrell has waived his preliminary hearing, so a trial is imminent. We here at SbB will be sure to give you all the juicy details, and not from concentrate.

Orange you glad this post is over?