Orange Bowl To Be Demolished And Sold On Ebay

BOB GRIESE’S FOSSILIZED JOCK STRAP - BUY IT NOW!!! The MIAMI HERALD has more details of the demise of Miami’s Orange Bowl - which SbB previously reported on.

Orange Bowl

It turns out that Miami officials want to knock down the dump hallowed sanctum of South Florida sports and entertainment as fast as possible in order to clear the site for a possible Marlins ballpark (though funding goals have yet to be reached).There will be a few more games held there before the demolition commences, as the Hurricanes play their final game there tomorrow and Florida International, losers of 22 straight, will follow with two more games (what’s the point guys, really?).

Apparently great care will go into to dismantling the glorified erector set of a ballpark, which opened in 1937. City officials want to preserve parts of the facility and auction them off on Ebay.

Orange Cat Bowl

Even in the heyday of the Canes’ and Dolphins’ domination, Miami was notorious for not selling out the facility. So now they think they can get people to buy seats that they weren’t willing to sit in when The U. was winning national titles and the Fins went undefeated?