Orange Bowl Tix Now Cost Less Than A Shamwow

Looking for good seats to a BCS bowl game? Do you have loose change scattered around the house? Then you’re in luck. We all know that most bowl games will see a bit of a dip in attendance this year due to the rough economy, but things are bordering on ridiculous.

Dolphins Stadium

(Luckily, Dolphins Stadium is used to holding sparsely-attended events)

As of last night, Orange Bowl tickets were going on StubHub for as little as $1. The prices have gone up since then, but there are hundreds of seats that can be had for anywhere from $3.25 to $20. It probably doesn’t help that the Virginia Tech-Cincinnati matchup is less desirable than the freaking Poinsettia Bowl. So much for New Year’s Day prestige. More good deals after the jump:

On the Ticketmaster site, an Orange Bowl ticket in Section 419, Row 3 is going for $110 plus fees (so, around $120 total). A ticket in the same row can be found on StubHub for $15.

FOR THE RECORD has this, and other good bowl deals:

The Orange Bowl is by far the cheapest ticket available of all the bowl games according to Tickets for the Music City Bowl (Boston College-Vanderbilt) can be had for $1.99 while the Sun Bowl seems to be gauging fans for $7.50 to see Pittsburgh play Oregon State [note: that has since come down to $5].

There are only two bowl games, the Rose Bowl and the BCS National Championship Game, where the lowest ticket price is over $100. There are 25 bowl games where the lowest ticket price is less than $50. You can see the Holiday Bowl (Oklahoma State-Oregon), my dark horse pick for best bowl game this season, for $12.

This all creates a bit of a conundrum for the fans of the schools playing in these bowl games. Future bowl selection is based largely on the ability of the schools to sell out the allotment of seats given to them by the bowls. Therefore, it’s in the best interest of any given university that fans buy their tickets directly from the school at face value. But, if you’re a fan faced with paying for travel and lodging and then realize that you can go get two tickets to the game for $20 from scalpers instead of $200 from the school, how many people can resist that kind of deal?

A commenter on the FOR THE RECORD posting says there is a possible explanation for there being so many cheap Orange Bowl tickets, quoting Virgina Tech AD Jim Weaver:

“The ticket situation has changed drastically in the bowl business in the past few years. For example, Alabama fans thought they were playing in the National Title game, which is in Miami this year. The Orange Bowl people said if they want to buy a ticket to that game, then they have to buy a ticket to the Orange Bowl as well. Since Alabama didn’t make it, there are a lot of cheap Orange Bowl tickets floating around.” 

Of course, some bowls just aren’t selling any tickets at all to the schools. It’s been reported that the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise has sold just 24 tickets combined between Nevada and Maryland fans, but the BALTIMORE SUN is still expecting Maryland’s contingent to be in the hundreds.