Open: Tiger Gets ‘worst heckle since coming back’

On the ninth hole of the first round of the U.S. Open today, Tiger Woods’ streak of 34 consecutive holes without a bogey in Open play at Pebble Beach ended with a three-putt.

Tiger receives worst heckle since comeback at US Open

Perhaps not coincidentally, earlier on the same hole Woods received what one prominent golf media member called his, “worst heckle since coming back,” from a fan in the gallery.

So what did the fan say?’s David Dusek reports via Twitter:

Tiger teed off on 9, the heckler yelled and then the crowd booed. (Ernie) Els glared at the guy for a while.

Tiger gets his worst heckle since coming back at ninth tee. “It is our business. You made it our business!”

Damon Hack of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED confirmed Dusek’s report, Tweeting independently:

After tee shot on 9, Tiger just heckled by loud fan: “It is our business, Tiger, you made it our business!” Several fans booed.

Doug Ferguson of the ASSOCIATED PRESS then noted of Woods’ subsequent bogey:

Tiger’s streak of 34 consecutive holes without a bogey in US Open at Pebble ends with 3-putt at the ninth.

Unless Woods’ wins this weekend, I have a feeling that the heckles may only get worse.