Oosthuizen Fired Caddy Before British Open Win

Graham Otway of the LONDON DAILY reports this week of Louis Oosthuizen’s caddy, Zack Rasego:

Louis Oosthuizen planned to fire black caddy after Open

Rasego, who has worked for South Africa’s new major champion for nearly seven years, had been told he was going to be released at the end of St Andrews week.

The pair had arrived in Scotland on the back of Oosthuizen missing three successive cuts, including the US Open at Pebble Beach.

Talks had even opened between Oosthuizen and Mike Kerr, the Durban-based caddie of Nick Dougherty, ahead of this week’s Scandinavian Masters in Stockholm.

But after helping Oosthuizen to his stunning success by seven strokes, Rasego, from Soweto, will keep his job having earned a win bonus of £85,000 - 10 per cent of the champion’s prize.

Otway’s storybook report was confirmed by Oosthuizen’s manager Chubby Chandler:

“It was a possibility but it is not going to happen now.

“There was a feeling Louis needed a more experienced caddie. Now Zack has proved his worth. It would not look too clever to sack your caddie after you have just won a major!”

Much was made of South African Oosthuizen’s touching tribute to Nelson Mandela after his Open triumph. And a native of formerly apartheid-ravaged South Africa employing a black caddy.

It was indeed a great moment for South Africa, Oosthuizen and Rasego in so many more ways than one.

The truth is always more interesting than a Rick Reilly tribute.