Fans Felt Burned By Brett Set Favre Stuff On Fire

I’ll admit to being a little taken aback when Brett Favre announced his un-retirement last month. Not so much because the future Hall of Fame quarterback had doubts about spending his remaining years at various Mississippi-area fishin’ holes — pretty much everybody figured he’d be back — but at the seemingly unanimous support he received from Green Bay Packers fans once he decided to resume his career.

Packers fans love Brett Favre

The organization, however, didn’t share in the excitement. In fact, they had moved on, fourth-year quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the team’s quarterback for 2008 and beyond, and with training camp just days away, the front office’s biggest dilemma was dealing with the public relations nightmare Favre had created.

While the club worked to trade Favre, Rodgers had to deal with taunts from Favre-loving fans (stay classy, children of Green Bay!), but the worst was aimed at Packers management.

But one Waukesha County family is taking a stand against conformity and poor judgment, and had themselves a little Favre-B-Q.

The Starks, life-long Packers supporters, decided to hold a Brett Favre-memorabilia-burning bonfire because of the quarterback’s extremely selfish (to everybody but Favre-loving sycophants) attitude toward the team, the city, and its fans. And they were kind enough to videotape it and set it to music.

From WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee:

“We thought it’d be a way to express ourselves surrounding the Favre controversy,” Charlie Stark said. Ted Stark and his two sons, Charlie and Jack are featured in the video. They say they were tired of Favre’s waffling. “I call him Brat Favre now. He flip flops. He can’t get enough attention,” Jack Stark said.

Ted’s sons say they won’t be cheering for Favre and the Jets. “I’m gonna have to say no. We’re former fans,” Charlie and Jack said.

Dad says he will continue to cheer for Favre. “I hope the best for Brett. I just hope he stops before he regrets it,” Ted Stark said.

And they’re even throwing their support behind Rogers, which, according to unofficial reports, puts the Aaron Rodgers Fan Club membership at three people. Until the Packers start the season 0-2, anyway.

*UPDATE*: Here’s the video, in all its Favre-in-flames glory:

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