Only Cute Young Girls Allowed To Sing For Beijing

• You must be this cute to sing in the Olympic opening ceremonies, or else someone else will visualize your vocals to the viewing public:

Lin Miaoke fake Olympic opening ceremony singer

• Meanwhile, officials are having to “ask” “volunteers” to fill the seats at the more sparsely-populated venues.

• The Chinese know him as “Betrayal Skull Dude”. You know him better as Carlos Boozer.

Stuart Scott struts his karaoke stuff. Can I get a witness!

Kenny Chesney loves football as much as he loves helping players disrobe before hitting the showers.

• A Western Kentucky women’s b-baller was caught using counterfeit money. So much for paying tuition this year.

Rick Astley narrowly misses out on the chance to provide 4th quarter entertainment for NC State Wolfpack football fans.

Manny Ramirez couldn’t just hold it for one more inning, could he?

Mike Gundy - He’s a man! He’s (no longer) 40!

• The most dangerous sport for young girls to participate in is cheerleading. That’s what happens when you B-E aggressive, be aggressive!