Only Colts Show At Ball State QB Davis’s Pro Day

How do you know when you’ve just made a mistake? Well, if you’re former Ball State quarterback Nate Davis, the first sign might be that, according to the MUNCIE STAR PRESS, only one team shows up at your personal pro day workout, and that team is the Indianapolis Colts. Making matters more insulting, the Colts happen to be less than an hour’s drive away and can’t possibly be serious about drafting him. After all, they have this Peyton Manning guy. Davis has a better shot at being the Colts traveling secretary than he does being the starting quarterback sometime in the next two to three seasons.

nate davis ball state

(Josh Freeman is better? We talking about the same Josh Freeman?)

For Davis, that is absolutely, positively the worst thing that could have happened. Billed as a small school quarterback with big time talent and leadership — think Ben Roethlisberger with onemore curshing MAC loss (damn you Buffalo!) — Some analysts had targeted Davis as a potential second round steal. Evidently actual NFL teams seem to disagree, since none of them bothered to show up. And there’s nothing Davis can do about not being wanted. He already left school after his junior season and passed the cut-off date for re-entry … and already hired an agent. Basically, if he doesn’t get drafted in a high round, he probably blew it.

Does this mean that no team is going to take a chance on Davis? Hardly. The passer is still almost a shoo-in for a second day draft pick, but you never know. Instead of taking advantage of a ridiculously weak quarterback draft class, it seems like Davis is being identified as part of it. Who would have thought a guy who led his team to a 12-0 regular season record could have made Josh Freeman look good?

And hey, if things don’t work out for Davis in the NFL, there’s always Muncie’s cinematic tourism industry to fall back on! Think about it: Hoosiers and a bizarre reference in a Coen Brothers movie (The Hudsucker Proxie)! Muncie must be overrun with film buffs!