Only 9,971 © NASCAR never lets us…

Only 9,971


NASCAR never lets us down. The non-stop, nonsensical sponsorships are alive and well, thanks to the circuit announcing this week a licensing agreement with Harlequin Enterprises (romance books).

As part of the agreement , Harlequin will publish women’s fiction books with stories revolving around NASCAR - and featuring NASCAR’s brand on the covers.

The first NASCAR-themed tome is "In the Groove," by Pamela Britton. It’ll hit bookstores in late January to coincide with the Daytona 500.
With the deal, I expect driver Dick Trickle to reap a royalty bonanza - as a recurring leading man.

And the deal does certainly make perfect sense for NASCAR. Who hasn’t thought of driver Jimmy Spencer (pictured above) as a Knight in Shining Armor (All)? A HREF=”” TARGET=”_blank”>direct story link)