Only $6.99 Of That Money Was Spent On Haircuts

Bud Selig is the highest-paid stooge in professional sports.

Bud Selig picking nose

BIZOFBASEBALL.COM (via SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL) notes that the less-than-dapper commissioner of baseball enjoyed a 4% pay raise last year, out-earning all other sports executives with $15.06 million. That’s a pretty good payday for the former Milwaukee Brewers owner, especially considering all the money he saves with his annual trip to SuperCuts.

From SBJ:

In total, MLB paid out $85.1 million in employee compensation and benefits for the 236-employee office during the fiscal year, up from $77 million the prior year for 231 employees.

The MLB payout of 69 percent of organization revenue in employee compensation, up from 65 percent as reported in the prior year’s tax return, far exceeds other major sports leagues. The NFL pays out 27 percent of core league office expenses, while the NHL stands at 47 percent, according to those leagues’ respective returns.

Despite the steroid scandals, the 2002 All-Star Game, and a blatant lack of competitive balance on his watch, Selig has done his part to help baseball’s bottom line. And it seems that baseball had no reservations about returning the favor.