One man. 1,240 miles. Alone in the Arctic. …

One man. 1,240 miles. Alone in the Arctic.

Cool. Make that very, very cool.


SKI QUEEN DETHRONED BY SEX STORY: UPI reports the first Japanese woman to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics, Tae Satoya, has been dropped by Japan’s World Cup ski team because of her alleged involvement in a "sex brawl."

The sultry Nagano Gold Medalist was accused of having sex with an unnamed Canadian skier in the VIP room of a Japanese club. She supposedly "threw glasses, kicked tables and chairs and ended up injuring a bar staffer when he tried to stop her from having sex with a man in the VIP room."

Tokyo’s MAINICHI DAILY NEWS reports that Satoya has denied the charges and claimed that an inaccurate report on the incident by a Japanese tabloid was the sole reason she was dropped from Japan’s Ski Team.

Satoya may pursue legal action against the club’s owners, so there’s still a chance for a happy ending.