One-Legged Football Wonder Finally Gets His Due

In Florida prep football, prosthetic limbs are banned. So what’s a one-legged kid supposed to do if he wants to suit up? Why, just go ahead and play football anyway. And play it damn well.

Carl Joseph

Carl Joseph was a stud by any measure, earning eight letters in three sports, despite being born without a left leg. Now he’s getting his due: the legend is being inducted this weekend into the Florida High School Athletic Hall of Fame. And trust me, this was no pity vote. We’ve got video of Carl in action, after the jump.

Joseph managed to block passes, sack quarterbacks, and even block a punt. He could dunk a basketball, or swat an opponent’s shot into the stands. He even won the district title in high jump, clearing 5′10″. And all this while hopping around like “a bewitched jackhammer.”

Carl Joseph

“I’ve always said that I never thought of myself as handicapped,” he said. “It was never talked about in my household, so I always considered myself an average kid. I always felt I could do with one leg what kids did with two legs.”

I’d say he did a hell of a lot more with one leg than what most kids do with two.

Joseph went on to play linebacker at Bethune-Cookman College, then coached high school football for 15 years. Now he’s 48 and a senior bishop at a church in Tallahassee, but I think he’d still be my first choice in a pickup game.