One Hundred and Counting for Cursed Cubs Fan

After a successful 162 game campaign, where their Cubs easily rolled into the post-season, Saturday night fans of the cursed franchise found themselves saying “maybe next year” again.

Cubs Fans

The Dodgers took Game 3, 3-1 at Dodger Stadium sending them to the NLCS where they will take on the winner of the Phillies/Brewers series which was extended to a Game 4 following the Brew crew’s victory.

For Cubs fans it probably feel like it’s been 100 years since their team has won a championship, oh it feels like that because it has been 100 years. Sorry. After 100 championship-less years fans probably aren’t looking for moral victories, but I’ll give you one anyways — at least Game 3 was a close competitive game. Right?

Another bright side is that there was no choking going on, the Cubs were never really in any of their 3 losses, which makes it 9 straight losses for the team on the North Side.

Will 2009 be the year? Let’s just say probably not.

Going in to 2008, many thought that the management had done a good job putting a team built to win it all together at the end of the season it was yet again - “Maybe next year.”

Next year’s roster could include Jesus Christ or other miracle workers, and the Cubs would still not be a favorite to win it all in 2009. Who would bet on that kind of resume?