One-Fifth of Pro Bowlers Not Heading For Honolulu

ESPN’s HASHMARKS points out an interesting stat about this weekend’s Pro Bowl: About 20% of the original choices aren’t going.

Pro Bowl Peyton Manning Jake Delhomme

17 selected all-stars - including the likes of Tom Brady & Brett Favre - decided not to fly out to Hawaii. Most have bowed out claiming injury, but it’s more likely that a lot of players are ho-hum about the Honolulu trip.

NFL commish Roger Goodell has been working to inject some life into a game that’s become an afterthought to both fans & players. Suggestions have included rotating the game among other cities, or moving up the game to the weekend before the Super Bowl.

Or Roger might take a cue from the NHL, and think about doing away with the game altogether. Of course, if the NFL really wants to follow in the hockey league’s footsteps, they should start putting their games on a network with limited access.

NFL Network

Oh, wait.