One Brett That The Nation Can Actually Care About

• The harrowing story of Brett The Goat: From awaiting ritualistic slaughter while tied up in the trunk of a freaky Favre-hater, to his daring rescue by Minnesota auto mechanics & his settling down in the safe haven of a well-known Wisconsin farm.

Brett the goat

Disney & Dreamworks are dueling for the movie rights as we speak!

• Speaking of the other Brett, the SbB Favre Embargo has officially ended. Shall we do it again?

• Punts at the new Cowboys Stadium keep getting blocked by the big HD screen above the field. Whose fault is it - Jerry Jones or the NFL?

• Venice Beach: A great place for spotting topless ladies - and their kids!

• NCAA schools are looking to trim budgets by bringing to a halt the practice of hosting football players in hotels for home games.

• ESPN The Mag rolls out a new NFL blog anonymously penned by a pro pigskin participant only known as “Player X“.

Philip Rivers gets paid like an NFL rookie - which is actually a good thing.

Michael Beasley’s dad believes his son’s current troubles can be blamed on the Heat player’s mishandling of pressure & responsibility.

• More problems for Big Ben’s assault accuser - even her own co-workers testify that any sex between the two would have been consensual.

• Be careful with Tom Brady - the Pats QB could give you a virus.