One Beating Just Isn’t Enough For Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco’s never-ending quest to somehow remain in the spotlight has led him to do some pretty odd things in the last few years. Of course there were the books that helped expose the steroid epidemic in Major League Baseball, and there was the appearance on “Moment of Truth”. Still, my favorite Jose Canseco moment had to be when he got his ass kicked by Vai Sikahema in a celebrity boxing match (celebrity being a relative term).

Well, it appears that one beat down just wasn’t enough for Jose. He loves the pain, he needs the pain. It’s how he knows he’s alive, and Jose wants to live again!


Jose Canseco is planning to fight again. According to WIP radio, Canseco is looking for an opponent to fight him in the Philadelphia area this January. Canseco was knocked out by former Philadelphia Eagle Vai Sikahema in a celebrity fight on July 12th in Atlantic City. Jose, an admitted steroid user, hit 462 home runs in 17 seasons for the A’s, Red Sox, Rangers and others

The only question is who would Canseco face? If I had my choice I would have Canseco go against Kimbo Slice. Slice is taking a lot of heat right now for being a fraud amongst MMA fans after he got knocked out in 14 seconds last weekend, and could use an opponent he knows he can beat right now.

Plus, since it’s a Kimbo Slice fight, you know it will end up on YouTube and then we can all enjoy seeing Jose get the crap beat out of him. Kimbo gets some credibility back, Jose gets his fight, and we get to see it. Everybody wins!