One Armed Professional Boxer Wins Right To Fight In California

SINGLE HITTER DELIVERS BODY BLOW: KNBC-TV in Los Angeles has a report on a one-armed boxer in California, Baxter Humby, who recently scored a win over the California State Athletic Commission.

The commission has been considering a rule that would prevent licensing of a fighter who is “missing all or part of a limb.”

Baxter Humby One-Armed Boxer

But the body ruled recently “to allow Humby (5-0) to fight in defense of his world title Jan. 11 at the San Manuel Casino in San Bernardino. The commission said the rule might be enacted in future cases.

Humby thinks the rule is entirely being proposed to prevent him from pursuing his career: “I was insulted because I’m the only one in California that has this missing appendage. It was basically inferred to get me to stop fighting. I was born like this.