On The Record: Uchitel, Woods Not Together In FL

RadarOnline.com reports this afternoon that the attorney for alleged Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel has gone on record saying that  Woods and Uchitel have not been in contact while the alleged mistress has been seeing family in Palm Beach:

Contrary to reports that Tiger Woods and his original mistress Rachel Uchitel have been meeting up in secret since the scandal broke, RadarOnline.com have learned that’s not so and that the two have not been in contact for ‘quite some time’.

Gloria Allred Rachel Uchitel

In an exclusive interview Rachel’s power house attorney, Gloria Allred tells RadarOnline.com, “Ms. Uchitel has had absolutely no contact with Tiger Woods for quite some time, and has not seen him or had any communication with him since she has been in Palm Beach.”

With Woods’ yacht docked in North Palm Beach, seven miles from where Uchitel has been staying, there’s been the predictable, apparently dubious reports of the two hooking up in South Florida.

Allred was careful not to quantify what “quite some time” meant but at the very least, we know now that the pair has not been together since immediately before Christmas - when Uchitel first arrived in South Florida.

In my opinion it’s clear that Uchitel, who the paparazzi somehow been able to photograph almost daily, is doing all she can to maintain the spotlight. Including perhaps Allred making these sorts of public statements as the story - and her popularity - begins to wane.

Any if Uchitel is no longer involved with Woods, why does she still need Allred? She hasn’t exactly been press-shy through most of the situation.

AccessHollywood.com and the PALM BEACH POST also report that Uchitel and Woods were not together partying last weeked, as had been previously reported.