On ESPN’s "Sunday NFL Countdown," …

On ESPN’s "Sunday NFL Countdown," Steve Young smacked down Michael Irvin after the former Cowboys Wide Receiver gave a dissertation on blocking: "What do you know about blocking? You were a wide receiver. You were closer to the Gatorade than the action."


ROSS LOSS REPORT: Producer David Vassegh of the KSPN-AM reports via email to SbB that Angels announcer Jose Mota is "the top choice of the Dodgers to join the broadcast team next year as an analyst."

More Vassegh: "If the Dodgers do get him, he would probably be part of a team that replaces Ross Porter."

Coincidentally, Porter will be co-hosting an afternoon talk show on KSPN-AM beginning at 4pm PT on Friday.

Kevin Roderick ironically reports, "Porter will be honored by the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame in January."

The decision by Dodger Owner Frank McCourt to fire Porter is a horrible one. A borderline disgrace. But the tabbing of the Latino Mota, who is the son of Dodger Coach Manny Mota, will likely mitigate criticism. UPDATE: Jon Weisman of DodgerThoughts.com gets reax from Ross Porter, who says that he’s heard nothing about his job status.

Porter: "My manager continues to push hard for an answer as this has dragged on entirely too long, and we believe they will tell us what they are going to do very shortly."