Olympics To Gender Test Ensuring Girls Are Girls

Chinese authorities announced that suspicious-looking females will be forced to take a gender test at next month’s Olympic Games.

Juwanna Man

TIMES ONLINE reports, “To ensure that girls will be girls, officials have set up a sex-determination laboratory where they say that tests will be conducted with the utmost delicacy by four experts from the Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

What exactly does “girls will be girls” mean? They won’t tell you why they’re mad and force you to figure it out, or maybe they’ll take your credit card and go on a shopping spree to buy stuff they don’t need? Is that what the Chinese officials mean? Not exactly.

Actually doctors will not be judging if a female athlete is in fact, female by their communication skills (or lack there of), or their shopping habits. China brought in a doctor and experts for this business. The report adds:

Professor Tian Qinjie has worked in the gynaecological department of the hospital for 30 years and is among China’s main experts. He told state media: “Suspect athletes will be evaluated from their external appearance by experts. They will then undergo four tests, including blood tests, to examine their sex hormones, genes and chromosomes for sex determination.” 

China is hoping to avoid the situation that marred the 2006 Asia Games in Doha when Indian middle-distance runner, Santhi Soundarajan had the silver medal she won in the 800 meter track event stripped after failing a sex-determination test.

Doctor Quinjie adds, “We need to make tests in an entirely scientific manner. The purpose of sex-determination work is to ensure a more scientific, more fair and more humane system.”

The initial results would be available within three days, although the official confirmation would require seven days. That must be a good test, it took Vivica Fox much longer than seven days to determine Juwanna Man was a dude.

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