Olympic Torch Retreats and Hides on Paris Bus

In yet another unsettling omen for media and other participants in the Beijing Olympics, 3,000 Paris police could not defend the Olympic torch from 500 protesters decrying human rights violations against Tibet. The relay could not even start on time, as the torch has been snuffed and smuggled onto a bus twice for its safety.

London Olympic protesters

This follows Sunday’s London fiasco when a devious protester brought a fire extinguisher to the chaotic festivities and unsuccessfully attempted to squash the Olympic flame.

Next stop on the “Only You Can Prevent Olympic Fires” tour? Why, it’s April 9th at the even-keeled home of polite dissent, San Francisco! There’s no way this can go wrong.

It’s a shame the protesters were not moved by the following symbolic gesture:

“Two-time French judo gold medalist David Douillet said some torch carriers will wear badges reading ‘For a better world’ — which French athletes hope to be permitted to wear in Beijing as well.”

It’s also a shame the French didn’t assign judo athletes to every leg of the run. There’s really nothing like a full-sprint roundhouse kick to the head of a Reporters Without Borders activist while holding the torch away in the off-hand. Imagine this scene in San Francisco Wednesday if USOC officials follow this strategy:

“You will never extinguish this torch! Its light burns stronger than your chants!”

“I will never let you pass! Your torch burns through the rights of Tibet! We will fight!”

“We will fight! I will use these officially licensed nunchucks (see the rings?) and you will use your ‘Free Tibet At Any Cost’ protest sign in a comical manner!”

“Yes! Begin!”