Olympic Torch Guard Has Sexy Moment in the Sun

The Chinese are experiencing a unhinged moment of national pride. Despite outsider concerns — smog, human rights, child singers and fake fireworks among them — the Beijing Olympics have thus far been a success, China’s symbolic modern coming-out party. Fake or not, those fireworks were cool.

But one Chinese man is having a better month than most: Known only as “Second Brother“, an anonymous Olympic torch guard has become the toast of China, winning millions of young female fans who apparently (note to self!) find blind allegiance to the Motherland incredibly sexy:

Known only as “Second Brother on the Right” because of his customary position by the flame, the young man with boyish looks and cropped hair is an Internet sensation and nationalist hero. “We love him not only because he is so handsome but because he represents the pride of China,” one female blogger wrote. The nameless hero’s popularity soared as he was seen defending the torch from pro-free Tibet protests on its international tour before reaching China for the Games.

“In torch relay pictures, he stayed calm and confident during violent situations, and gracious, graceful and proud in most others … Those (other) stars or idols lacking an unpolluted and vigorous temperament are not attractive any longer.”

Either this is a Chinese ploy to create hordes of men that want to stamp out protests in the name of being found sexy back home, or young Chinese girls really need to re-evaluate things. You’re supposed to like the guys that don’t do what they’re told. You’ve got it all backward!