Olympic Gymnastics Coach Had Lockerroom Cam?

If you’re a coach of a women’s gymnastics team, the ASSOCIATED PRESS has a report out today that might cause you to consider taking that hidden video camera out of the locker room.

Shawn Johnson Bends Over With Camera On Her U.S. Olympic Gymnast

(Mr. Camerman, I’ve got a tripod handy!)

University of Illinois police have served search warrants on the home, computer and e-mail accounts of a former gymnastics coach who’s being investigated after a video camera was discovered in a locker room.

Sgt. Tom Geis says investigators are going over the information recovered from Jon Valdez’s home. He says they hope to turn the information over to Champaign County prosecutors this week.

Valdez helped train U.S. gymnasts at the Beijing Olympics.

Shocking! Actually, based on Valdez’s past, maybe it isn’t.

Valdez recently quit as a coach on the Illini gymnastics staff “citing personal issues, including a pending drunken driving charge in Wisconsin. … Valdez is scheduled to appear in court in Wisconsin on Monday.”

Wow, he might be in line for an appearance VH1’s “Worst Week Ever” pilot in production.

Shawn Johnsons Bikini Mom Photo

Apparently Valdez is being charged for allegedly filming U of I gymnasts, and not the likes of Shawn Johnson and Alicia Sacramone (did anyone check the sauna?).

Alicia Sacramone Megan Dowlen sauna

But of course, that won’t stop every sports blogger in the solar system from Facebook-friending Mr. Valdez today - especially with those wonderful new FB video apps.