Olindo Mare Voice Displeasure About Dolphins After Getting Traded To Saints

OLINDO MARE NOT MAKING FRIENDS IN MIAMI AFTER TRADE: Kicker Olindo Mare, a 10-year veteran of the Miami Dolphins and Broward County native, was recently traded from the Fish to the New Orleans Saints.

Olindo Mare

The PALM BEACH POST today has Mare sounding surprisingly ecstatic to have escaped South Florida: “I was happy in Miami; I was born and raised there. But right now I would not want to be down there.

Mare is pleased for two reasons:

1) He moves to a dome with the Saints after kicking off infield dirt thanks to the Florida Marlins (”It’s not my problem anymore. It’s not an easy place to kick. I tried not to make a big deal about it because the big linemen and backs are falling on it every play. Ask them if they like it. If a big-name guy gets hurt they’ll consider changing that field.“)

2) He gets away from new coach Cam Cameron, who obviously had no intention of retaining Mare.

Cameron: “We don’t need a South Florida kicker. We need a Northeast kicker who can kick in South Florida - a guy who can kick on dirt, kick on grass, kick in New York.

Sounds like someone’s been Tivo’ing the Tony Awards.