Ole Miss QB Is “Relieved” After Last Night’s Loss?

By now, you’re no doubt well aware that Ole Miss brought their #4 ranking into Columbia, South Carolina, and promptly crapped the bed in front of a nationwide audience. 16-10 against a team that had never beaten a top 5 team at home - ever - and thanks for playing kids, back to the line for the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

Jevan Snead gets wrecked
(”Glad we got this out of the way, right guys? Hello?”)

Prime suspect #1 for the felony charge of “aggravated playing like ass, resulting in conference loss”? That would be Jevan Snead, quarterback wunderkind who lit the SEC on fire last year and was generally considered the best quarterback in the SEC not named Tebow. His numbers from the night? 7-21, 107 yards, 1 TD, about 10 passes that should have been intercepted (none actually were). So let’s all join Snead in a great big “WHEW.” Wait, what?

Per the TWITTER feed of Russ Evans, sports radio host for ESPN 760 in Florida:

Jevan Snead said he’s “relieved” Rebels no longer have #4 ranking, can get back to “just playing football”… Wrong attitude to have in SEC.

No, no, no. South Carolina just completely bitch-made you and your offense. Relief is not the correct response. Dread, yes, seeing as how opposing defensive coordinators aren’t the types to look at a 7-21 performance and dismiss any lessons to be learned. No, Ole Miss, your bubble has popped. Do not be happy about this.

We do, however, think we know why South Carolina - by all accounts, a mediocre team, and the only team to actually lose to a Big Ten opponent in a bowl last season - came out like gangbusters and shut the Rebs down. When this man’s in the house, after all…

Ric Flair at USC-Ole Miss

…you’re bound to win. Just like that.