Ole Miss DT Tells Arresting Officer He Can’t Read

Here’s a hint to any college football hopefuls. If you’ve been dogged by questions about your academics, specifically your ability to read, it’s probably not the best idea to tell a police officer that you “can’t read.” It doesn’t reflect well on the program.

Jerrell Powe

Reinforcing the worst stereotypes about Ole Miss was DT Jerrell Powe, who was ticketed by police for noise violations during a party at his apartment. When told to read the citation and sign it, Powe reportedly told the cop he couldn’t read. He says he was joking, but Houston Nutt is not amused.

“Of course he can read, how do you think he’s getting through college?” Nutt said. “Now he just needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.”

Well, no one can say Ole Miss players don’t have a father figure as coach.

Powe was denied admission to Ole Miss in 2006 due to academic issues, and filed suit against the university. Among the court documents were a plea from his mother:

“Jerrell really is a good child, but he just can’t read. Please give him this chance to attend Ole Miss.”

Well, they let him in, and he hasn’t let them down.

Illiteracy needn’t stop him from making a career; he can always play for the Redskins. Or barring that, coach in the NHL.

Running back Enrique Davis was also at the fateful party, and didn’t let us down in the humor department.

The officer requested Davis hand over his identification, but Davis looked at the officer with a “shunning face,” according to the report.

The report said the officer then requested Davis’ identification several more times and Davis started to walk towards the stairwell and gave the officer a “crazy face” when confronted about walking away.

When you see the phrase “crazy face” in a police report, you know this wasn’t any old arrest. Or, in other words, just another weekend in Oxford.