Ole Miss Coach Arrest Ends Up On Cops Show

Cable channel truTV has nice resume builder for Ole Miss Coach Andy Kennedy if he ever wants to get into television.

Andy Kennedy on Tru TV

The coach got some reps last week on the channel’s Hot Pursuit show via the previously-released video of Kennedy being arrested in 2008 in Cincinnati for punching and slurring a local cab driver. (He pleaded down to a lesser charge and got probation and community service.)The video has been out and all over the web for over a year, but the mocking commentary from voiceover dude makes it worth a watch one more time.

For example, after Kennedy tells officers as they cuff and stuff him that if he isn’t at his game the next day, “this is an INTERNATIONAL ALTERCATION!

Announcer guy retort: “Quick, call NATO, Andy Kennedy’s been arrested.

That’s not to say I completely disagree with Kennedy’s sentiment.

I know plenty of people who’d love to see Ole Miss admitted to the U.N.