Ole Miss B-Ball Coach Beats Up Cincinnati Cabbie

• Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy returns to Cincinnati in grand fashion - by assaulting a cab driver with fists & racial slurs.

Andy Kennedy Ole Miss basketball coach

• Could we see Manny Ramirez in pinstripes before too long?

Eddy Curry has casually avoided a $41,000 bill from Casual Male.

• Ex-Hoosier Eric Gordon says drugs did in Indiana’s season last year.

Braylon Edwards really doesn’t think that Cleveland rocks.

• The famous “Friday Night Lights” football field is full of history, tradition - and toxic lead.

• Former Clemens cuddler Mindy McCready tries to off herself again.

• Two drunk Bucs are being sued for beating up an IHOP customer.

• And the winner of today’s Popovich-popping-off caption contest is…

Gregg Popvich

Baberudy, who blows the whistle on this suggestion: I thought Donaghy said you were cool?

Thanks for playing. One more contest to be bounced along tomorrow!