Ole! Bull Loose As Queens Turns Into Pamplona

It was just your average Wednesday morning on the streets of Woodhaven, Queens. Commuters buying their coffee and newspapers on their walk to the train. Vendors cooking up their first batch of hot dogs. A bull running loose in the streets.

Bull goring a matador

And despite the eventual capture of the bovine intruder, nobody’s exactly sure where it came from. Apparently, a large farm animal can just materialize out of thin air in the middle of New York City. Since all of the city’s matadors and rodeo clowns apparently had the day off, NYPD officers had to chase down the bull, which was first spotted in the morning being pursued by an unidentified man (how is that guy still unidentified?).

The bull disappeared (this is so New York— seeing an 800-pound animal wandering around the neighborhood and then just going on with your day assuming someone else will report it) but was found later in the evening chilling near a park.

NY1 took some time out of covering various financial bailouts to chime in with the story:

The bull was first spotted Wednesday morning being chased by an unidentified man on Atlantic Avenue. It disappeared and was seen again around 10 p.m. walking near Forest Park.

Officers chased the animal for several blocks before they were finally able to corral the bull. It was taken to a shelter in East New York where it later died.

Officials were unsure of its cause of death because it had no physical signs of injury. It is also unclear where the bull originally came from.

In related news, 379 people went by Bevo XIV’s stable in Austin last night to make sure he was still there.

If you have the time, watch the video. I mean, it’s sad and all that the bull died, but the NY1 anchor announces its death with more solemnity than when Walter Cronkite announced the JFK assassination.

Seriously, where does a bull just come from? Who was that guy chasing it? Was this some sort of “running of the bulls” stunt gone horribly wrong? Maybe the bull realized he only had three more days to achieve his dream of seeing a game at Yankee Stadium. Leave it to New York to treat this with the urgency of a city council meeting.

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