Oklahoma WR In Critical Condition After Wreck

Whenever someone is critically injured and the words “head injury” are involved, I’m always reminded of Henry Rollinsstory about a wounded Iraq war vet he visited at Walter Reed: “It’s more than just the injury. Everyone that knows him, feels bad. The girl he might have married, or was going to marry, that plan has changed. If he had kids, that is now a whole new day. And the pain and misery just radiates outwards.” And while Rollins was using it to make a point about the costs of war, his sentiments can be equally applied to anny selfish decision with such ruinous consequences - like, for instance, not wearing your seat belt.

Corey Wilson Oklahoma

That’s Oklahoma wide receiver Corey Wilson. He was just a backup so far in his career with the Sooners, but after a two-car collision on I-35 in Oklahoma, football is completely out the window as a concern for him or his family. Wilson was critically injured in the crash, and the news isn’t particularly encouraging:

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says the 20-year-old from Carrollton, Texas, was flown in critical condition with head and internal injuries to OU Medical Center after the crash about 1 p.m. Friday near Pauls Valley. A hospital spokesman says Wilson’s family asked that his condition not be released.The patrol says Wilson was southbound on I-35 when his Chevrolet Trailblazer collided with a pickup, ran off the road and rolled twice, throwing him about 45 feet from the vehicle.

Now wait a second–the hospital said that his family didn’t want his condition to be released, but then they print it anyway? How does that work?

That aside, it’s typically fatal when someone’s thrown from a rolling car in a wreck, especially 45 feet. Whether Wilson can ultimately survive the wreck, probably even the doctor’s aren’t sure yet. But even if he does, his life has probably been so dramatically altered that there’s likely no resemblance to how he lived before. The aspiring athlete? That’s over. Pretty soon, the aforementioned “head injuries” are going to be evaluated by doctors and amended to “brain damage.” Every aspect of a “normal life” for Wilson - again, should he survive - is now wholly different.

And all because, according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, he wasn’t wearing his seat belt. The driver with whom Wilson collided was wearing his, and he’s fine. Didn’t even go to the hospital. We’re hoping for as full a recovery for Wilson as possible, of course. Wear your seat belt, folks. Wear your seat belt. Wear your seat belt.