Oklahoma Freshman Wideout Hearts Guns, Ladies

Carrying guns on a school campus = big no-no. Obviously, right? Well, some people apparently didn’t get the whole”guns r bad, m’kay” memo - like Oklahoma freshman wide receiver Josh Jarboe. Back in March, he was arrested for carrying a gun on campus, but naturally got it reduced (because of his academics, natch).


And while I can imagine it was a tough and painful lesson, at least he learned to stay away from self promoting an image of violence.

Or not. The WIZ O’ ODDS wraps up a homemade video shoot where Jarboe, in all his purple haired brilliance, goes on and on about ladies, guns and more of Bob Stoops‘ favorite topics.

At :47 there’s some white dude in a backwards hat (who I may have seen on stage at Panic last weekend) who decides to get jiggy with it. Also, Jarboe is kind enough to stop and repeat that he does, in fact, prefer AK-47s.

I’m not in the mood for some moralistic rant here about guns and schools and violence and public image. Most of that stuff should be really, really, really obvious by now. However, please, young people: STOP making videos of yourselves talking about guns and drugs.

Whoever does understand-slash-”get” it isn’t the one paying allowing you to come to their college and move on to earning millions for playing pro sports.

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