OK, Is Everyone Ready For The Santa Clara 49ers?

This sparkling new structure below, aside from reminding me of that scene in “Zoolander” (”What is this — a stadium for ants?!“), represents the first new pro football stadium in California since 1967. The 49ers may be playing there by 2014, if a few minor details can be overcome — like the team possibly purchasing and running the California’s Great America amusement park. Clap your hands if you believe!

proposed new stadium for 49ers

The City of Santa Clara and the 49ers have agreed to a tentative deal to move the team to that Peninsula location, and all that remains is the little detail of getting the voters of Santa Clara County to go along with the program.

And this wrinkle: Former 49ers president Carmen Policy is spearheading an effort on behalf of mayor Gavin Newsome to keep the team in San Francisco.

But my favorite part of all of this is that, if the team does wind up in Santa Clara, the land on which the stadium would be built is currently a city-owned parking lot which is used by Great America. GA, which is in a bit of financial difficulty, has offered to sell the park to the 49ers in the past (sending many Niners fans into nonsensical flights of fancy). We’ll know on June 2 whether that’s still part of the plan; that being the date when the Santa Clara City Council formally announces its deal with the team.

I just know that I’m not getting on any amusement park ride run and maintained by the York family. Although the Frank Gore bumper cars could be fun.

“Sorry folks, the 49ers will finish no higher than third place this year. Moose out front shoulda told ya.”

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