Blog-O-Rama: O.J. Says “Show Them Your Heels”

• FOOD COURT LUNCH steps up with O.J. Simpson imploring you to “Show them your heels“.

OJ Sportbilt shoe ad

Darren Rovell of CNBC discovers St. Joseph’s nixing Nike, as the Hawks’ small-business uniform supplier suits them just fine.

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK learns that David Garrard thinks he’s better than Tony Romo.

• THE DAILY MAIL snaps a shot of the cab-stealing, tennis-dealing John McEnroe looking fine at 49.

John McEnroe at 49

Must be all that All-Bran.

• DIGITAL FUNTOWN has their take on PTI’s special March Madness edition.

• And if you can’t stand the Madness, BUSTED COVERAGE offers some alternative TV programming.

• PART MULE compares Billy Packer to Yoda.

Billy Packer Yoda

• Christine Brennan of USA TODAY suggests the Men’s & Women’s Final Four should shack up at the same site.

• It figures that’s Jemele Hill would also claim that LeBron’s Vogue cover is racist.