O.J. Mayo a Charity Case in More Than One Way?

We heard something about O.J. Mayo possibly accepting gifts bought with money sent through some kind of sickle cell anemia charitable front a few weeks ago, but we didn’t pay much attention to it. Why? We’re recently adopted the USC Athletics method of journalism. This means we don’t look at any news that might or might not be happening so we can’t be accountable for it later.

Instead, we looked at LOLcats all day. Aren’t they precious?


So we’re sure we didn’t hear anything from the L.A. TIMES today about the California attorney general’s office looking into posssible charges as part of this case. That would certainly be well outside of our new policy. After all, O.J. Mayo could not have willingly accepted money from Rodney Guillory illegally as long as this amount of cuteness exists in the world:


OMG that is soooooo true.

We totally also didn’t hear that misdemeanor charges could be filed against some of the participants in this case or how this might affect NCAA proceedings because, hell, as long as there’s good things happening in the world of news (in the form of LOLcats), then everything else must be going just fine. Thanks for the positive outlook, USC!

Lil' Romeo Miller plays basketball for USC

ahahah. So funny, USC. You crack me up!