Ohio State Too ‘Careful’ To License Sexy Undies

What makes Ohio State think it’s so much better than Harvard?

Ohio State Buckeye Dancer

Harvard (yeah, that Harvard) and almost three dozen other schools have issued licenses to Victoria’s Secret to use their marks in a new line of loungewear. But Ohio State isn’t giving it up. Ohio State, apparently, is not that kind of girl.


The University of Michigan, Harvard and UCLA are among the schools whose logos will adorn sweat pants, tank tops and panty sets. Prices will range from $25 to $55.

But don’t look for Pink Buckeye apparel just yet. It seems that Leslie H. Wexner’s dual role as leader of Limited Brands and member of the Ohio State University’s board of trustees has complicated a deal with his alma mater.

Leave it to a man named Leslie to ruin everyone’s fun.

Ohio State is somewhat unique in that it handles its own licensing. But Ohio State’s President, Gordon Gee, resigned from that same Limited Brands board during the spring over similar appearances of impropriety.

I’d say that if he’s looking to avoid looking improper, he quit the wrong job. Unless he’s a big fan of this:

Ohio State Fans Moon Over Michigan