Ohio St. Students: Vuvuzelas For Penn St. Game

The biggest home game for Ohio State this season may end up being when Penn State visits Ohio Stadium on November 13. So perhaps that is motivating a new Facebook group of nearly 2,000 Ohio State students called, “Vuvuzela Day for Penn State.

Vuvuzelas at Ohio Stadium

Ohio State student Dustin Stinson started the group and provided this inspirational message for Buckeyes fans:

Everyone bring a vuvuzela for the Penn State game and let’s bring some noise! We’re trying to get as many students as possible to bring them.


Let’s do this.

As much as I poked around the Facebook group, it appears that Stinson and his brave, fellow students aren’t joking. (I messaged Stinson today about the group and await a response.) So I guess the idea behind the vuvuzelas is apparently to create a deafening din that would prevent Penn State from properly running its offense.

Before you dismiss the possibility of thousands of Ohio State students being allowed to do such a thing, check out this photo from the Iowa-Ohio State game last season at Ohio Stadium:

Vuvuzelas at Ohio Stadium

So there is precedent here.

So there’s three sets of people who would love to see this happen: Ohio State students participating in the Facebook group, those who despise Penn State and the millions upon millions who would delight in seeing OSU embarrass itself with such a display.

To the ancient Ohio State alumni who will do everything in their power to shut this down: On behalf of those millions of folks and the University of Michigan School of Law, I’d like the record to show that there’s photographically-supported precedent for vuvuzelas being allowed into Ohio Stadium.

So if you don’t like the idea, we’ll see you in court!

UPDATE (1:45p ET): Big Ten Assistant Commissioner for Communications Scott Chipman just sent me an email indicating that vuvuzelas at Big Ten football games are banned.


The Big Ten has specific policies that do not allow irritants or noisemakers, so vuvuzelas would not be allowed. Below is the specific language from our football game management manual.

Take care,

A. Nonpermissible Items - The arena management is responsible for enforcing the Big Ten policies in this regard. The following items may not be brought into the arena by patrons: Alcoholic beverages, bottles, cans, cups or containers, irritants (e.g., noisemakers) or strobe lights. In addition, the facility may have additional restrictions on items that can be brought into the arena.

“Irritants” at a Big Ten football game? Now there’s a slippery slope.