Ohio Hoopster Impresses Girls By Shooting Them

I’ve been through college, and one of the many things I learned was that when you’re trying to impress some ladies in the dorm it’s best that you don’t shoot them, even if it is only with an Airsoft gun.

Maurice Pearson

Ohio University basketball player Maurice Pearson was found guilty of aggravated menacing and assault after firing soft pellets at two Delta Gamma sorority members. Airsoft guns are low-power guns that shoot pellets that sting, but don’t pierce the skin. However, many Airsoft guns look like real guns, which is probably where the whole menacing thing came into play.

It’s just the latest in a string of odd incidents involving athletes at the school.

The ATHENS POST has the story, which mentions that Pearson has been fined and sentenced to four days of house arrest. He has not been dismissed from the team, but has been given the ol’ indefinite suspension. His name has been removed from the official basketball roster at OHIOBOBCATS.COM for the time being.

Should he be allowed play this season (c’mon, it wasn’t a real I’m-gonna-kill-you gun!) all opposing MAC student sections have pledged to wear Delta Gamma t-shirts to games against the Bobcats.

In January of this year, two OU baseball players were charged with running an illegal gambling operation, though both pleaded out to low misdemeanors. A month later, the city was investigating the alleged existence of a sex tape involving athletes at the school.

Pearson is the second college hoopster in two months to get in some trouble for using an Airsoft gun. Kansas freshman Markieff Morris was caught firing at passersby in August from his dorm window. At least Pearson waited until the school year started.

Previously, Ohio U. has been best known for Frank Solich’s odd GHB-dosing that let to a DUI and for bringing us the comic stylings of Louis, the worst weatherman ever.