Oh No, Idaho! Vandals Coordinator Popped For DUI

If you’re a coach with the University of Idaho’s football team, I’m guessing there isn’t much to do. The city of Moscow, ID, is about as inviting as the one in Russia, except without all the balmy weather. And it’s not like you really need to worry about recruiting – any player in state who is decent is going to Boise State, so you’re pretty much getting the players you get.

Mark Criner

But there is always alcohol – and we’re talking about more than just “sparkling muscatel, one of the finest wines of Idaho.” The booze flows pretty freely in Idaho and you can understand why, whether just as a way to keep warm or out of sheer boredom. Or to help you forget that your coaching career has led you to Moscow, Idaho - which might have happened with Idaho Vandals defensive coordinator Mark Criner, who was arrested Monday morning for a DUI.

The IDAHO STATESMAN reports that Criner’s blood alcohol level was almost 0.13, well enough to put him over the state’s legal limit of 0.08. But it’s hard to blame the guy – being Idaho’s defensive coordinator would probably drive anyone to drink. Then again, the fact that the Vandals ranked 116th in total defense (giving up 472 ypg) and 118th in scoring defense (42.8 ppg) makes you wonder if the defensive schemes would have been any worse if he had been taking a few nips in the press box.

The school says that Criner has been placed on paid leave pending the outcome of the court case and an internal investigation. Which means that, in theory, he could lose his job. But that would also mean that they’d have to find someone willing to become defensive coordiantor at the University of Idaho. Or maybe they could just leave the position unfilled. Or outsource it to India: it would be cheaper, and probably just an effective.