Oh No He Din’t: Stewart Drops A-Bomb On Phillies

Tensions had been brewing for some time, but the war between Jon Stewart and the baseball fans of Philadelphia officially got underway on Thursday at approximately 11:14 p.m. EST. Ironically, it was during a segment on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” in which the host was attempting to lampoon North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, that things got out of hand and went all NL East. Instead of Li’l Kim, Stewart ended up poking Phillie Nation with a long, pointed stick.

Phillie Phanatic Jon Stewart

Stewart, an unabashed New York Mets fan, used the premise of North Korea’s recent missile attack threat on the U.S. on the Fourth of July lob his Philly bomb. He pointed out that such an attack on such a date would hardly be noticed in the U.S., where everything would be exploding anyway. And before you knew it, he was calling Philadelphians as*****s. Ha. Full transcript and video below.

From Thursday’s “Daily Show”:

“Oh, a missile launched at us on Fourth of July! Just to hear our terrified population say: ‘Ooohhh! Ahhhh!’ Are you familiar with Fourth of July? The whole sky is an explosion on Fourth of July; it’d be like being a drag queen on Halloween; having a seizure at a rave, or being an asshole in Philadelphia. BOOM! (In tiny voice) That’s right Phillie fans; you may have this World Series but that’s all over now.”

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Philly bloggers: Unamused. THE 700 LEVEL simply posted a photo with a player displaying his World Series ring with a fist. Commenters were generally more rational, however:

I thought it was pretty funny too, Matt. I was expecting something worse, but he’s a NY guy throwing a little jab at Philly fans…no harm done. — Poster Nutbag

“ZOMG! The Daily Show used our city as a punchline for a joke! Let’s talk about our one sports championship in the past century and claim that we never liked Jon Stewart…that’ll totally prove him wrong!” — VP

Well, the weekend’s almost here, and Stewart will be off. So Philadelphians may resume ripping their own fans for spelling mistakes. And playing porn audio for children. And fighting amongst themselves during the World Series banner raising ceremony.